What is premium funding and how does it benefit my business?

What is premium funding and how can it benefit my business?

You are undoubtedly well-informed on the concept of premium funding. But do you
know how directly leveraging premium funding can substantially boost your business revenue
compared to depending on traditional premium funding companies? Learn how
opting for premium funding can boost your business.

Boost cash flow

Instead of a hefty upfront premium, premium funding allows your clients to spread
out their payments, freeing up capital for other essential business areas and
improving cash flow. With smaller, more manageable regular payments, your clients
can enjoy immediate, secure coverage without a substantial initial payment. This
flexibility frees up capital that can be reinvested in growth and operations, offering
more freedom and flexibility than traditional business loans.

Flexibility in financing all or part of their insurance programs

Premium funding lets your clients finance multiple policies simultaneously, promoting
operational efficiency and flexibility. Instead of tying up large amounts of capital in
one premium payment, they can distribute their financial resources across various
policies. Whether funding all or just the more extensive insurance premium policies, this
approach optimises their insurance program and enhances operational resilience.

Preserve business assets

Traditionally, businesses lacking the capital to pay their insurance premiums might
liquidate assets for short-term gain. However, this can hinder long-term viability and
growth due to loss of business value, operational disruption, and a negative impact
on employee morale. Premium funding helps maintain liquidity, allowing businesses
to manage their payments in manageable chunks without sacrificing valuable assets.

The Flexigrow solution for business growth

Flexigrow’s Premium Funding software offers a unique approach. Why let third-party
lenders benefit from your efforts? Invest in your premium funding facility and
boost your business revenue.

With an intuitive interface, it provides everything you need to manage business loans
effectively, equipping you with tools to meet your business needs now and in the
future. The system allows clients to make payments, integrate with leading broker
management systems and create flexible payment plans. It is quick, easy, and
responsive, featuring real-time reporting for immediate insights, enabling fast
decision-making and proactive management.

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