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General FAQ's

SaaS, or software as a service, is software that is provided through the cloud. This means that the software can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, provided that you have internet connection and device such as a phone or a computer.

Business Management FAQ's

Visit our pricing page and enter a few details to learn which of our bundles would be best fitting to your company.
As part of our Enterprise package, we offer customisation to our platform. This includes customising your own platform from branding and colour schemes, right through to unique URLs and automated workflows. Learn more by heading to our pricing page, or contacting us.

Of course! As part of our Enterprise solution, you can increase the number of seats on our platform to suit your ever-growing platform, with different permission levels so that each team member has a suitable level of access.

We’re working very hard on creating a mobile app for you. It will be available on the Android and Apple Store very soon. Check back for updates!

We currently integrate with Stripe and Square. Get more information about our integrations here.

Premium Funding FAQ's

Yes, integrated with an approved payment gateway, allowing automatic payment from clients accounts into your account.

Yes, payment plans can be automatically created with integration into your broker management system. Alternatively, loans can manually be created in a few easy steps to be managed automatically.

Yes, there is a pricing structure, there are setup costs and a monthly subscription fee based on the volume of loans written.

You only need a license if you are doing consumer loans e.g. house and car insurance. However, exemption can be granted. This is something we can discuss further.

License subscription fees are paid monthly and are valid for however long you intend to operate your finance business.

Yes, you can customise our templates to suit your business’s requirements and unique style. Our software has a range of automations you can utilise.

Yes, full training is offered on commencement as well as ongoing support via live chat, phone, and email.

No, there is no limit to the company size using Flexigrow software. In fact, the sooner you start your own funding program, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

It allows for journals and records to be kept, but the company still needs to use a general accounting software like Xero.

The system can be designed and made compliant with each Territory and/or location. We would need to work with you and your legal advisor to ensure your business meets local regulations.

Yes, Flexigrow is a cloud-based software system and is accessible from multiple devices around the globe.

Yes, it was created by our CEO & Founder, Greg Rynenberg, in Brisbane. Greg has over 30 years of experience in the industry with his own in-house premium funding business, in which he has developed Flexigrow’s cutting edge software.

Yes, please get in touch with our friendly team here.
Yes, we have integrations with many leading broker management software suites, including Insight and WinBeat. Please reach out and our friendly team can confirm how we can integrate into your business’ setup.

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