Effective marketing strategies for your invoice


In the world of business, marketing plays a vital role in achieving sustainable growth and success. Reaching out to your customers and keeping them engaged is one such strategy. However, there is potential for effectively marketing your brand that’s often overlooked – your invoices!

Effective marketing strategies you can use for your invoice:

Implement effective marketing strategies for your invoice to boost your business.

Branding Your Invoice

Receiving an invoice is often the last interaction customers have with your business. However, with proper branding, it can be an effective marketing strategy. Customers will likely keep and collect invoices even after deliverables have been completed. So, if your invoice stands out, then your business can too.

Branding your invoice is an easy way to reinforce your brand image and keep your business in customers’ minds. Maximise that opportunity. Don’t just send a plain invoice. Add some creative designs to make it more appealing to look at, and consider adding the following elements:

Use your logo whenever possible to boost brand exposure. Prominently display it at the top of your invoice document. If you’re emailing the invoice, add the logo to the top of the email and inthe signature section. Repeat exposure to your logo helps with brand recognition, which could lead to brand loyalty.


Add a catchy phrase or tagline that relates to your brand, what it stands for, and what it can do. For example, Flexigrow: Tools for Business

Colour Palette

Incorporate your brand’s colours throughout the invoice design as backgrounds, headers, icons, or other decorative elements. Adding some colour makes your invoice stand out from plain white documents. And the more it stands out, the more exposure your branding gets.


Don’t settle for using default fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. There are tons available that look modern and professional that you can use for free. Choose one for the headers and one for the body text, then use them consistently. Also, apply proper hierarchy so headers are easy to spot. For ideas on perfect font combinations, you can check out Font Pairing.

When you’ve decided on a design for your invoice, try reading it on different screens, lighting, or even when printing it out. Ensure that no matter the medium, the logo stands out and the text remains legible. Branding is important, but text clarity and readability are the top priorities.

If you’re not much of a creative designer, worry not! Graphic templates are readily available on platforms like Canva and Microsoft. Flexigrow’s business management platform also has an invoice template builder. You can change the elements and customise them to fit your branding for more effective marketing.

Make communication convenient by adding contact details to your invoice.

Adding Contact Details

Say your customer has questions about the final invoice, or they were so impressed with your work that they decided to use your services again. They’re going to want to contact you, right? Eliminate the frustration of having to search for contact details by adding them to your invoice:

  • phone number
  • email address
  • physical business address
  • social media handles and links

When customers can quickly contact you, you can resolve issues or promptly address inquiries. By adding these elements, you’re providing them with convenience while building trust and credibility. And the perks continue.

The invoice can create opportunities for engagement and growth for your online presence. Including your social media links can encourage customers to engage with your business pages. This helps build connections that increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and expand customer base. But how?

Word-of-mouth is an effective marketing strategy and is still one of the most trusted sources of information. A personal recommendation can be powerful. Imagine one satisfied customer sharing their positive experience online and then tagging your business profile or leaving a wonderful review. Their social connections could be potential referrals. So, instead of having to chase down leads, you can turn your customers into brand ambassadors and have them do the legwork to marketing your brand.

Personalising Your Message

Nurture customer loyalty is by using your invoices as a tool to strengthen your relationship. Include a personalised message with each invoice, addressing them by name and expressing your gratitude for their continued support. It could be a simple thank you note or a more detailed message on how it was working with them. Acknowledge your customers’ importance and show that you value their business. That way, you’ll be able to foster a sense of goodwill and build stronger customer relationships.

Getting Customer Feedback

Besides getting paid, you can send invoices as an opportunity to get valuable customer feedback.  You can add a happiness rating to the invoice, include a survey form in the email to the email, or link them to leave a review on your website or business pages. You can use the information you collect to analyse areas that need improvement. At the same time, you can make your customers feel valued. It’s a win-win!

Invoices can be an opportunity to upsell other products and services.

Upselling Other Services

You can use your invoice to generate more sales by adding a small section dedicated for upselling. You can provide your customers with helpful product recommendations they may be interested in. For example, if a customer recently had their car engine checked, you can suggest additional maintenance services or even a new set of wheels. By leveraging the power of your invoice, you can effectively cross-sell and upsell, thereby increasing your revenue and boosting customer satisfaction.

To successfully implement this, it’s important that you tailor your suggestions to each customer’s needs and preferences. You can use the insights gained from customer feedback forms or talk to them to understand their past purchases. Additionally, you should ensure that the upselling section is visible but not overly pushy. Finding the right balance can be tricky but with the right approach, your invoice can be an effective marketing strategy and a great sales tool.

Giving Promos or Discounts

Another effective marketing strategy that keeps your customers happy is offering discounts or a loyalty program exclusive to those who received invoices. For example, a discount code or a points-based system (Buy 3 Get 1 Free) to reward continued business. With the holidays coming, you could throw in a thank-you basket or special holiday discount. These incentives help encourage repeat business and build a loyal customer base.

You may be worried that this could be a financial drain. However, retaining your customers and building their loyalty can be easier and more sustainable than acquiring new customers. Investing in keeping your patrons happy is in your best financial interest. It’s a strategic move that can keep your customers coming back and ensure a consistent revenue stream.

In Flexigrow’s business management platform, you can add sections like upselling and special discounts to your invoice. Learn more by requesting a demo.

Use special promos to build customer loyalty.

Use your invoice to market like a pro!

Email marketing is still the third most popular marketing channel and a go-to for many small businesses. However, the engagement level can be low. Australia’s average email open rate is 22.4%, and the country has double the unsubscription rate compared to other regions.

Triggered and automated emails, which include order confirmations, typically perform better, with an average open rate of 35%. One reason for this is that they’re prompt and convey a sense of urgency. Invoices, especially, can be very good at grabbing your target audience’s attention due to having finance-related content. Take advantage of that by implementing these effective marketing strategies to boost your business.

Brand your invoice and automate the process at the same time with Flexigrow’s business management platform. A powerful business tool available on the web and as an app. You can offload accounting tasks to Flexigrow, allowing it to generate and send out invoices hassle-free. Request a demo today to learn more.

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