Creating a great invoice

Your ultimate guide to invoicing

Have you recently started your own business? Or are you looking to up your game? Do you dread having to raise a client invoice? Check out our handy invoicing guide.

Consider the layout 

The layout of an invoice should follow a simple, standardised format to ensure clarity and ease of understanding. Many businesses opt to include their logo at the top of the invoice. Highlight the totalamount due, including any discounts or adjustments. Remember, every business is different. Don’t be afraid to customise templates so that they match your requirements. The newest tool in the Flexigrow suite, the SaaS platform Business Management, offers a range of customisable templates, allowing you to choose the best option for your business.

Customer information

Ensure you have all the necessary client information: The client’s name, address, organisation and contact details are a great starting point. Remember to include your business information on there too! With Business Management, you can save the customer details to the system so that you can invoice them again in seconds.

Creating an invoice number

An invoice number is a unique number used to identify that specific invoice. The unique number is a way of tracking payments and maintaining accurate financial records. When the client pays, they will reference the payment. Different businesses use varying invoice number formats: Some use sequential numbers; others may incorporate customer joining dates or birthdays. However, the Business Management platform can help you easily track paid and unpaid invoices. See all your invoices in one screen and whether they are paid, expired, sent or unpaid.

Provide a detailed invoice

Check that you give sufficient information on the product or service the customer has purchased. Include a brief description and the units of the product or service provided- for example, the numberof hours worked on a job.

Calculating the total

Calculating the sum should be straightforward. Remember to include any different rates in the payment, such as Sunday pay rates or discounts. State the currency in which the invoice is billed to avoid any confusion.

Means of payment

Include clear information on your accepted payment means, whether bank transfer, in cash or via a payment gateway. The Flexigrow Business Management platform invoices include a ‘pay now’ button, which opens a separate window and allows customers to securely enter their payment details and settle the invoice there and then. Alternatively, opt for our convenient global payment solution, Eway. Cut out human error with the auto payment reconciliation option and enjoy peace of mind that you’ve got the latest anti-fraud tech protecting your transactions. Make your life easier and enhance customer experience by giving Business Management a go! No more wasting time manually creating invoices and keeping track of payments and due dates. Our software will handle it for you, including automatic reminders for outstanding payments. Work from anywhere via our platform and send quotes and invoices instantly with our customisable templates. You can even save items for future use.

For more on how Business Management can give you more time to spend on business growth, get in touch with our team today.

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