Flexigrow launches Business Management software

Premium funding software firm Flexigrow has added Business Management to its product suite, a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks and increase efficiency.

CEO Greg Rynenberg says he saw the benefits of automated payments and “decided to take it further” by opening up his business’ AI tools to help others. Mr. Rynenberg is also the CEO at East West Insurance Brokers and ShieldCover, and a director at Steadfast.

Business Management generates invoices and facilitates payment plans

Flexigrow’s Business Management app offers features that streamline the accounting process, making it much more efficient compared to traditional methods. It allows users to create and add inventory items, access client databases, and even log expenses by scanning receipts, uploading them directly to the accounting systems. All that while on the move.

Flexigrow says brokers can benefit by advising clients to adopt the new software to streamline operations, lower costs, and improve customer retention. 

“By offering Flexigrow’s Business Management solution to your clients, you’re not only providing them with indispensable tools for business growth, but you’re also poised to benefit from their success.” 

“When the client’s company grows, their assets increase. The client will then have a higher insurance premium, resulting in higher income for the broker,” it says. 

“As your clients’ businesses flourish, so does the value of your services, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters growth for all parties involved.” 

Flexigrow offers a wide range of solutions for project management, financial tracking, and data-driven decision-making. 

Grow your business with an AI integrated platform

Flexigrow’s entire suite of AI tools and services are designed to making managing your business efficient and accurate. Learn more about it by clicking here. You can also request a demo to get a better understanding on how their business tools can aid you in moving forward.

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