Flexigrow: Our story so far

Currently, finding the means to increase efficiency and unlock growth is essential. Our story began in 1989 when our founder, Greg Rynenberg, worked to transform his business by creating software programs to streamline operations and escalate growth. Now in 2023, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new SaaS platform solution and the second tool to Flexigrow’s suite, Business Management.

A Passion for Efficiency

Intending to optimise his own broking business, Greg worked alongside a leading software company to create a sophisticated solution that would offer in-house premium funding to benefit his clients. Together, they developed a bespoke business tool that laid the foundation for our ongoing commitment to creating tools for greater business.

As time passed, Greg saw the opportunities that integrated software could offer his business. The internet was improving in leaps and bounds, and Greg was keen to harness its power, creating software that caught the attention of many other businesses. Skip forward 23 years, a growing team, and a real commitment to advancing our software solutions; we are now thrilled to present our brand-new SaaS platform, designed to offer businesses short of time, a suite of tools that streamlines operations, simplifies processes, and releases untapped potential.

The latest tool in the Flexigrow suite, The Business Management SaaS platform harnesses the power of automation so that you can get paid faster. To learn how Flexigrow can support your business through the power of software, request a demo of Business Management on our website today.

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