Environment Friendly Activities for Businesses Down Under

Taking active steps towards protecting and preserving the environment is not only an individual’s responsibility. Businesses, especially large corporations and factories, need to do their part as well, not only to gain a positive reputation but also to contribute to effective positive change.

One of the key initiatives that many Aussie businesses are adopting is reducing their carbon footprint. This can involve anything from using renewable energy sources like solar power to implementing energy-efficient practices in the workplace. Last year, Australia passed legislation that further pushes for greener energy alternatives as part of the goal to reduce carbon emissions by 35% by 2030 compared to reported levels in 2005. The legislation includes a deal to fund major facilities and requires that they not only offset their emissions but reduce them significantly.

In addition to switching to more environment-friendly and sustainable practices, many Aussie businesses are becoming more active in conservation efforts within their communities through volunteer work.

Clean Up Australia Day

Every one of us is responsible for caring for the planet we all call home. Whether participating in tree-planting activities, supporting local environmental organisations, or organising clean-up events, companies are finding ways to give back to the communities and environments that support them. One of these is through the annual event, Clean Up Australia Day.

Ian Kiernan and Kim McKay founded the organisation in 1990. As an avid sailor, Kiernan spent plenty of time in the ocean and witnessed how pollution affects the waters. This inspired them to work with other friends to start Clean Up Australia and get more people interested in cleaning the environment. It’s now hosted every first Sunday of March, and you can register as an individual for free. However, they partner with different communities and host events all year round, which you can check out on their website.

They also host a Business Clean Up Day in February and a Schools Clean Up Day in March every year. And if you missed any of their events, no worries! Clean Up Australia is open to collaborating with Aussie businesses to organise events. For a small fee, they’ll provide a complete kit and connect you with hotspots for clean-up drives.

Plant Trees Australia

Another organisation you can connect to is Plant Trees Australia, A Carbon Positive Australia Initiative. It’s an online community dedicated to educating communities about native trees and supporting self-sustaining ecosystems. Register as an individual, group, or business on their website to join a tree-planting event. You can engage your team to enjoy the outdoors and encourage them to be more proactive in environmental efforts.

Plant Trees Australia also offers membership to recognise businesses as Helpers.

Join Cleanup Day Australia and be more active in environment friendly activities.

Other ways you can contribute

You have the option to organise an environment friendly and focused event of your choosing on your own. However, it’s recommended to collaborate with a trusted partner for education purposes. You can also implement other strategies to make your business eco-friendlier.

Support Eco-friendly suppliers

Choosing suppliers that adhere to ethical and environmentally responsible standards, using eco-friendly materials, and reducing water usage in manufacturing processes is a big step. By being mindful of where their resources come from and how products are made, businesses can support a more sustainable supply chain, which could encourage more suppliers to do the same.

Businesses can ensure that their products are produced responsibly, which resonates with many environmentally conscious consumers increasingly looking to support sustainable brands.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Businesses are finding innovative ways to minimise waste produced in the office and increase recycling efforts. This includes introducing composting programs, banning single-use plastics, and opting for reusable materials. You can also switch to digitising your invoices and expense management with Flexigrow to reduce the use of paper and plastic. Efforts could be as small as using biodegradable trash bags that decompose over time. These changes, however small they seem, make a big difference in long-term positive change.

Be part of Australia’s journey to helping the environment and building a sustainable future

Participating in environment friendly activities is not just a trend but a necessary step toward a more sustainable future. By taking proactive steps to reduce the negative environmental impact, Aussie businesses are doing their part to protect the planet and setting an example for others. Anyone can make a positive difference, whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation.

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