Embracing the potential of AI

In recent years, AI (or artificial intelligence) has become increasingly present in our daily lives. We must embrace these latest advancements and use technology for good. Let’s explore some of the most exciting ways AI can be used in everyday tasks.

What does AI mean?

First, let’s cover the basics: What does artificial intelligence mean? AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machine form. AI can perform tasks that require capabilities such as visual perception, decision-making and speech recognition. AI is implemented in more places than you’d expect!

Content creation

AI is a wonderful tool for content creators out there. Although some see programs like Chat GPT as a threat to their livelihoods, it is vital that we use it as a tool to better our work. AI can analyse large amounts of data in one sitting and consequently predict what will be trending in the coming weeks and months. This is helpful when writing social and content strategies. The algorithm is also beneficial for personalising platform home pages to suit each user. This goes for Amazon, Netflix and all the other big players. What better way to catch users’ interest than by showing them everything they like? 

Self-driving cars

One of the most exciting advancements in AI for the motor industry is undoubtedly the creation of self-driving cars. AI is used alongside sensors, cameras, GPS, and radars to make decisions on the road, leaving you more time for work or leisure. Benefits include reducing human error that leads to crashes and improved traffic management. It also allows disabled or elderly individuals to continue to drive, giving them back their independence.

Personal assistants

We’ve all tried talking to a personal assistant device and been amazed by its ability to understand and respond to tasks. But did you know that AI powers them? The software converts speech to data AI can understand, allowing it to fulfil the request. The benefits of this handy tech include hands-free control, which allows cooking assistance, shopping and to-do lists, music and news and updates to be available to all.

SaaS platforms

Cloud-based SaaS platforms often integrate AI to improve user experience, and our Flexigrow Business Management platform is no exception, with two exciting developments in the pipeline. Using internally trained AI models, Flexigrow will allow users to scan and upload invoices and receipts for expense reconciliation without requiring users to input the essential details manually. Already have a quote/invoice template? Flexigrow users will be able to upload a copy of their existing document, and our generative AI model can convert this to a stylised template for you to use directly from the platform.

To learn more about these advancements and how Flexigrow can save you time a nd money, contact our team today: https://flexigrow.com/get-started

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